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 Post subject: About the "Free Beer"
PostPosted: 19:48 - 21 Nov, 2012 
FTL - Regional Coordinator
FTL - Regional Coordinator
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What started as a chatroll joke about a bar on a ship, has not only become an amazing collection of people supporting both Chris Roberts' vision of a return to Space Sims and PC Gaming with Star Citizen, but also people rallying around the idea of a loose alliance of players around the concept of free trade, and I think more importantly, a place to call "home"; all centered on winning an Idris Cruiser to realize that goal. It's not a joke anymore, And the support that's been shown seriously blew me away. Currently we seem likely to win it (knock on wood folks) and I've personally had two different pilots who bought Idris cruisers, two more with Tankers, at least four different squadron leaders, and dozens of individual pilots contact me about supporting the cause, both in-game and through referrals (which broke 250!). We are truly HUGE! Some people have also expressed concerns about what happens in the meantime, how do we stick together over the next year to alpha, and another year and change to release? Can we trust Void Singer (AKA [VS] Shadows Lament) to follow through and support us the way we supported her? "I thought they said the Idris can't hold many ships"? "Didn't they say no player owned bars"? All good and fair questions.

We'll talk about the bar first, since it's our rally point. Yes, they have said that the Idris is going to be smaller than we had hoped (booo! I say), and yes, they did say that player owned bars were not likely in release (Booo! again!)... BUT! "We have a (backup) plan!". They have also said that it will be possible to find and take over asteroid bases, so currently we're looking at using the Idris "Free Beer", in conjunction with our backing fleet of pilots to find and take over one (or More!) asteroid bases to use for our Free Trade League! Imagine, if you will an entire chain of Free Trade outposts scattered across the galaxy! Now a little about me... When I first pledged for Star Citizen, I took every bit of money that I had saved for upgrading my aging computer and basically threw it at Chris Roberts just on the hope of being able to get back into space, and back into game modding, betting on my ability to upgrade my computer when the time came to play. I know some of you did the same. Because of the massive support behind this whole thing I started thinking about ways to give back to all those supporters and fans.

To start with I've grabbed an Imperator Subscription to keep up with the development of Star Citizen (I can eat ramen for a while...), report back to you, and to also give us a voice in the process. But information and a voice isn't enough if there's no way to get that out to people, so I'm also getting us these forums, with sections dedicated to news about the game (with links to resources and information) the Free Trade League (our bar(s) away from home): including ingame, off topic, tech support, and even real life stuff) Aa section devoted to 3D modelers, Fan Artists, Writers, and a dedicated release forum so that modders can share their work! If we like the hosting enough I'll pay to have them hosted ad free at least until launch. Personally I don't think this is enough, so I'd eventually also like to host a full website on our own domain with space for files and mods and other goodies. I think this is a good start, but it's still just a start, so I have a few more ideas concerning some giveaways and other stuff, but for now I don't want to make any promises I can't keep until I know more, but I want you to know that I haven't forgotten the people that made all this possible, and I know that it only remains possible with all of our support.

In conclusion, I'd like to invite all of our supporters, and even all Star Citizens to pull up a seat in the pilots lounge, have a drink, and sing a song... hell start a brawl if ya like, just no weapons allowed or the bouncer may escort you to the airlock... and I can't remember if we're stocked up on EVA suits!

- Void

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